Does Velashape Work – Does it Work?

If you are desperate to get rid of cellulite you may have come across advertisements for velashape. However you might be asking yours does velashape work? If this is the case here is a little more information for you to make your choice.

The most important thing to understand with velashape is that not everyone is a perfect candidate. If your skin is not very elastic you may not see results at all. This is why it is very important to talk to your doctor before trying to go through with the treatment. Keeping yourself hydrated before the treatment can help with results as well.

If you have more cellulite it can take a long time to see results. Most people will not see results before the fourth or fifth treatment. This is completely normal. Not seeing results right away doesn’t mean that is isn’t working.

Answering The Question; Does Velashape Work

With tons of reviews online most people reporting great results are using velashape along with some other fitness program. Many of the best results come after liposuction, birth, or intensive exercise program that has prompted great weightloss. In this way the best results with this treatment are likely to come as a finisher rather than a way to get into shape.

Some of the tips that customer have given are to keep yourself active while having the treatments. Eat healthily and try to avoid too much sugar. Many recommended keeping the areas of cellulite covered and moisturized between treatments to promote better elasticity as well.

For the most part this treatment is also dependent on the operator. Asking around to find someone known for great results can help you get the results you want. Before you make an appointment find out how much experience the technicians have. During a treatment try and communicate with your technician, especially if you feel pain or too much heat in one spot.

Keeping all of this in mind many reviews show very dramatic changes. Many consumers say that velashape works just as well as they hoped and then more. The results that show are varied but almost all of them are amazing.

Several women reported that the bumps above their C-section scars had gone down significantly. Visible cellulite bumps were reduced and skin seemed tighter. Most women who had this done post liposuction said it was a great way to finish what the procedure had started.

There are reviews about velashape not working. The common theme with these reviews is usually a small number of treatments. This is why it is important to remember you need four to five treatments before you may see any results. Other complaints usually had to do with not communicating with technicians and inactive lifestyles.

Hopefully this answered the question of does velashape work. The short answer is it can work if you are a good candidate. There are several ways to increase your worth as a candidate as well. The long answer is you should talk to your doctor before you undertake these treatments.

Reading VelaShape Reviews Promotes Informed Decisions

Beauticians and cosmetic surgeons offer a vast array of targeted treatments to go after specific faults today. VelaShape, an easy procedure now available from many surgeons, spas, and wellness centers, is one aimed at restoring youth and vigor to skin suffering from the effects of cellulite. As with most cosmetic procedures, VelaShape is most suited to well-informed patients with a good understanding of the details of the procedure.

What Is VelaShape?

VelaShape is a non-invasive medical procedure designed to improve skin tone. It’s a proprietary technology made by Syneron Medical, a company working exclusively with Proctor & Gamble. It uses a combination of proven and cutting-edge treatments for improving the feel and look of skin. VelaShape involves mechanical and vacuum massage as well as the application of electromagnetic and infrared energy. In practical terms, this translates into a series (typically 4-8) of brief, painless treatment sessions to firm and tone the skin in problem areas. Typical side effects are limited to a strong sensation of warmth during treatment.

What Does It Treat?

This treatment process enhances the look and feel of skin, reducing the visual and aesthetic impact of cellulite and providing a subtle but noticeable firming effect. Although VelaShape is used by men and women of all ages, it’s become most popular for women looking to accelerate and finalize their recovery after childbirth. VelaShape also offers effective reduction of the appearance of cellulite, especially on the belly and thighs. These are well-known as areas where eliminating cellulite through traditional means can be extremely difficult. There are many satisfied patients who have experienced positive results from courses of VelaShape treatment.

Who Is Saying What?

The manufacturers of the VelaShape equipment are quick to point out that it is an FDA-approved treatment. Potential patients should of course be aware that as with many aesthetic medical procedures, FDA approval in this case means only that the procedure does not cause harm. Patient testimonials (both positive and negative) are easy to find online. While opinions differ on the overall effectiveness of the treatment, most VelaShape reviews consistently confirm the minimal discomfort caused by the treatment sessions.

Benefits And Drawbacks

As with many aesthetic medical treatments, VelaShape asks potential patients to pay considerable sums for potentially minor improvements in their appearance. The advantages here are the non-invasive nature of the process and the specific targeting of cellulite, one of the most frustratingly difficult-to-overcome impediments to beautiful skin. Potential downsides include potentially minimal improvements in appearance, and even some VelaShape reviews point out that the procedure’s effects fade over time (within a few years).

Cosmetic procedures like VelaShape represent a significant investment for many patients who choose to undergo them. That’s why it’s important for them to do their own research ahead of time and ensure that they’re picking the right procedures. Not everyone who undergoes VelaShape therapy is entirely satisfied with the results, but some patients may have jumped into the procedure without a realistic understanding of its potential and its limitations.

Does VelaShape Really Work Like The Claims Say?

If you are someone who has had concerns when it comes to your shape and your needs for battling cellulite, the chances are that you have heard something about VelaShape. Does VelaShape really work and is this something that is going to give you the results that you have been longing for? The best way to learn about this product is to take the time to do your research and also learn just how cellulite forms in the body. From there, you can read into a lot of the customer reviews and look at stunning pictures that will show you just how incredible some of the results can be.

Reading more about VelaShape, you will certainly hear that this is a product that is known to shrink the cellulite that is found in the body and reducing the overall circumference of the skin. Some people who use this product have stated that they were able to get great, noticeable results in as little as four treatments. To make it even better, VelaShape is a product that is fully approved for use through the FDA so that you know you are getting a good alternative to other procedures such as liposuction. You are never going to have any downtime and this is a product that is also non-invasive in nature so you do not have to worry about recovery and the dangers that can come along with surgery.

What Is Cellulite?

For a lot of people, cellulite is something that many people will dread as it can be a factor that will cause a lot of body issues. It can occur after you develop pockets of fat that will appear like dimpled skin that will be resistant to most of your efforts to get rid of it, such as exercise and changes in diet. Cellulite are these fat cells that are found within these chambers, separated by horizontal and vertical tissues, otherwise called septae. Once these chambers become distended by the fat cells that are enlarged, they can protrude beyond the length of the partitions. This is where you will get the pushing up of the surface of the skin that results in the dimpled skin that we know to be cellulite.

VelaShape is a product that works by way of a technology known as Syneron Elos, which combines mechanical manipulation for the skin with a gentle vacuum action mixed with electro optical synergy. The heat the occurs mixed with the vacuum action will aid in the breaking down of the fatty areas while increasing the circulation of the blood. The fat is then moved around and the overall size of the fat cells will be drastically reduced.

Does VelaShape really work? Well, there are a lot of people who are truly swearing by their results and you could end up being one of them. Simply trying out VelaShape could give you some incredible differences in the way that your body looks and how you feel about yourself overall.

Most of us are ready to try virtually anything to get rid of that feared bumpy skin and state goodbye to home cheese thighs forever. You be the judge …

While exercise is good for excellent, even the most fit women often ladies frequently cellulite.

VelaSmooth is a relatively new strategy that is advertised as being powered by ELOS, an acronym which represents electrical-optical synergy. While for most of us that term has no meaning whatsoever, in easy laypersons’s speak it suggests that it uses a combination of electromagnetic radiation, infrared light and massage to make dimply skin vanish.

The treatment, which takes about half an hour each time, includes warming the areas influenced by fatty tissue to increase skin flexibility. The radio waves heat up those unsightly fat cells which lie behind the skin’s surface. A “vacuum action” incorporated with deep tissue massage is carried out to stimulate the manufacturing of brand-new collagen and make the skin smoother.

Two treatments a week for eight weeks is recommended, so you are generally locked into a commitment from the really beginning. To make sure that it works, your specialist will no doubt recommend you to follow a healthy diet plan, without a lot of fatty foods, drink a lot of water and maintain a great workout program. Exactly what a book idea – and suggested by Oprah.

However Does it Work?

Whether VelaSmooth really works is up for discussion and, as holds true of many med health facility treatments, what works for one person could not work for you. The cost can be prohibitive for many individuals, and it hardly ever comes with a no-quibble assurance. You are, actually, taking the fate of your lumpy skin into your own hands – or the hands of someone you barely know!

Below are some remarks from females who have actually had VelaSmooth:.

* A 48-year-old woman from Ohio who was not overweight and exercised regularly but still had “saggy and dimpled skin on my thighs” recently wrote on a health site that she had actually invested over $4,000 on VelaSmooth with no impact. 80 percent of females composing in said VelaSmooth was not worth it, while 20 percent said it was.

* QE of Colorado had 20 treatments and said she saw a “10 percent improvement, insufficient to make a distinction … the registered nurse who did the therapy was great, the outcomes were almost non-exsitent [sic] I could not advise this treatment, it was incredibly disappointing and expensive.”.

* “Kikitom” from California invested $1,900 on a series of therapies and said it was certainly worth spending the cash. “Did 10 treatments on my butt and behind [my] legs and my legs look EXCELLENT,” she composed on the same website. Nevertheless, she added that you “shouldn’t expect good results if you continue to eat fatty food.”.

Please bear in mind that you could wish to try VelaShape instead, which is costlier however has actually reported better outcomes. In 2005, VelaSmooth was cleared by the FDA for temporarily minimizing dimpled skin. 2 years later, VelaShape was cleared for the exact same claim – and for decreasing thigh circumference at the exact same time.

VelaShape is thought about a renovation to VelaSmooth, with more power and better technology, and as therapies take less time you require less of them for the same result. Better outcomes and less expenses – what have you got to lose? Perhaps some cellulite, absolutely some money.

Everything about Dimpled skin.

To understand methods of lowering bumpy skin, it is necessary to completely understand exactly what bumpy skin is in the top place. That dimpled orange peel result is truly simply fat deposits caught in pockets of connective tissue below the skin, causing it to dimple, and rough price quotes claim that about 4 out of every 5 ladies over age 20 have it.

The major reason we get fatty tissue is due to the fact that we do, regardless of whether we are fat or thin, drinking tons of water or are dehydrated, consuming 6 portions of fresh fruit and veg every day or existing on donuts, chocolate and Twinkies, working out routinely or keeping a sedentary way of life.

Some people find those fatty dimples type of appealing. However due to the fact that eliminating them has actually ended up being an obsession for many, right here are some myths and facts about lumpy and bumpy skin:.

* MYTH: Eating a diet plan rich in filled fats will cause even more cellulite to appear.

* REALITY: Diet plan appears to have little to do with dimpled skin, although fatty food might make you rather more prone to it.

* MYTH: Too little exercise will make your thighs much more dimpled.

* TRUTH: While exercise benefits you, even the most healthy females typically suffer from dimply skin.

* MYTH: Ending up being dehydrated adds to cellulite manufacturing.

* TRUTH: Theoretically, water assists to flush out unhealthy contaminants that are in the body and clean out the lymphatic system. However it can not really eliminate blockage that can build up in fat layers.

* MISCONCEPTION: Weight gain results in even more of an orange peel appearance in issue locations.

* REALITY: Dimply skin could appear more obvious if you are larger – sometimes a LOT more evident – however weight gain doesn’t play a lot more of a function in bumpy skin than that for the majority of individuals.

While women are most influenced by cellulite, it’s intriguing to note that the condition does, on occasion, influence men. They get it less commonly due to the fact that male skin is thicker than female skin, which can shield them from getting it. In women the fat is kept directly underneath the skin while in guys it’s much deeper down, for that reason making lumpy skin less noticeable.

Guy also have more muscle than ladies, as a policy, and more body hair, as a policy, which together make cellulite tougher to see. Remarkably, the most common locations for lumpy skin to appear on guys is their tummies and – wait for it – their necks (gross).

Healthy “cures” such as correct diet plan and regular exercise could make you look a bit better, and even if your cellulite doesn’t enhance you’ll feel much better and be healthier from the inside out. If you desire to try various other alternatives to get rid of dimply skin that simply won’t budge, then VelaSmooth and VelaShape may be the response for you.

You be the judge …

While exercise is good for you, even the most fit women healthy ladies from cellulite.

The treatment, which takes about half an hour each time, includes heating up the locations affected by lumpy skin to enhance skin elasticity. In 2005, VelaSmooth was cleared by the FDA for temporarily lowering dimply skin. In ladies the fat is kept straight below the skin while in men it’s deeper down, for that reason making dimpled skin less evident.

If you want to attempt various other choices to get rid of lumpy skin that just will not move, then VelaSmooth and VelaShape reviews may be the answer for you.

Velashape Reviews – Is It Right for You?

It most likely seemed like miracle cure for fatty tissue if you have actually heard of VelaShape! Read about the latest VelaShape reviews and explore one of numerous tools that females everywhere contribute to their cellulite-fighting arsenal due to the fact that of the wonderful online and word of mouth reviews from specialists and good friends alike. It is an extremely reliable treatment that can make a big difference to your body, it does need a bit of way of life care to understand its complete potential. Before you run to your neighborhood medical day spa in a craze, it’s an excellent idea to investigate exactly how it works and what’s involved. That method, you can make any recommended lifestyle modifications that could improve its treatment abilities, as well as feel positive that it’s safe and has possible for working for your particular set of demands. Below is some important details pertaining to exactly how VelaShape works to combat lumpy and bumpy skin and what your best treatment options may be.

VelaShape’s Elos Innovation

Elos innovation works by targeting and warming the fatty cells in your predetermined problem locations. As part of VelaShape’s process, the pieces of the treatment gadget that come in contact with your skin are cool, so you will never feel like you’re being burned.

An Applicator Tailored to Every Therapy Area

VelaShape works best when it is in an area that includes rather a bit of bumpy skin. You will of course see results if you use the VelaShape procedure on one or 2 problematic dimples, but the most extreme improvements are achieved when fatty tissue is more significant. When you decide where you want the VelaShape treatment to be used, your professional will choose the personalized applicator that’s finest fit to the task.

VelaShape Results Explained

The VelaShape process utilizes bio-polar radio frequency and light energies to not just smooth and fade fat cells, but likewise to increase the body’s lymphatic drain, boost metabolic rate, and enhance blood flow to the issue locations. Because the blood carries oxygen and nutrients, enhanced blood flow corresponds to enhanced nutrients being delivered to your cells. In addition to the therapy, utilizing items which contain vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E, such as lotions and everyday vitamin tablets, will help keep your collagen intact, which will in turn assistance keep the dimpled skin away.

Examining Your Therapy Options

VelaShape is a fairly natural and non-invasive treatment for bumpy skin, it’s not constantly the best answer. Clients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of even more than 30 are not ideal prospects for the therapy.

Now that you are equipped with a bit more details, you can make a more enlightened decision about regarding your bumpy skin therapy strategy. You might choose to attempt resolving it with a way of life change initially, or choose to book in with a professional immediately without any doubt. If you have actually determined that VelaShape is right for you, consider utilizing the treatment as a jump start to a healthy vitamin-rich diet and workout plan to improve your opportunities of getting rid of cellulite for excellent.

Right here is some valuable information relating to exactly how VelaShape works to combat lumpy skin and what your finest treatment choices might be.

As part of VelaShape’s process, the pieces of the therapy device that come in contact with your skin are cool, so you will never feel like you’re being burned.

Once you choose where you want the VelaShape treatment to be used, your practitioner will pick the tailored applicator that’s finest suited to the task. VelaShape is a non-invasive and reasonably natural treatment for dimpled skin, it’s not always the finest answer. If you have determined that VelaShape is right for you, think about utilizing the therapy as a jump start to a healthy vitamin-rich diet and exercise strategy to enhance your chances of getting rid of dimpled skin for good. I hope those Velashape reviews helped you to decide if it’s for you or not.

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Velashape Treatment – An Overview of VelaShape Treatments

You may have heard about this new cellulite-busting strategy on the information or celebrity chatter rags lately. Because VelaShape has actually recently gained some popular media attention, that’s! What is it, really? If they choose for this new treatment, the majority of people have concerns regarding what would be in establishment for them. Is it effective? Is it hazardous? Well, this helpful guide ought to tell you everything you ever would like to know about VelaShape.

What is VelaShape, Exactly?

VelaShape is the procedure by which a doctor utilizes a small, portable gadget to eliminate dimpled skin. This little gadget kind of resembles a small vacuum, and although lots of would be pleased to envision their bumpy skin being vacuumed away, that’s not quite exactly how it works.

VelaShape as an Option to Surgical treatment

VelaShape is a non-invasive, non-surgical process, so it does not come with all the drawbacks of surgery. With this procedure, you will not have long recover times and you do not have a long list of adverse effects to consider. You can leave the medical health facility and carry on with the rest of your day instantly after the therapy has ended.

VelaShape as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Although VelaShape is extremely effective at eliminating fatty tissue, most physicians will advise that their clients also follow a healthy diet plan and exercise strategy to improve its effectiveness. In this manner, VelaShape will jumpstart your cellulite-fighting efforts, however you will not need to rely on the treatment to keep dimpled skin away for good. Consuming more of the right foods, such as vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, and exercising will keep your body healthy and your skin looking as supple and smooth as the day after your VelaShape treatment.

VelaShape’s Side Effects

Although there aren’t nearly as many negative effects with this treatment as there are with invasive surgical treatments, there are some things you must know before booking a VelaShape session. The most typical negative effects is redness and swelling that lasts for simply a couple of hours after treatment. It occurs in nearly every case, so it’s probably not an excellent idea to choose a therapy right prior to a trip to the coastline. Provide yourself a little time to renew and rest. Some females have reported bruising after treatment, however this is a less common negative effects. Simply to be safe, attempt to plan your VelaShape procedure for a week when you know your issue areas will remain covered. Fatty tissue is undesirable, but so are huge old swellings.

VelaShape Needs a Minor Dedication

It’s a lot faster than using diet plan and exercise alone to eliminate fatty tissue, but VelaShape does require even more than one treatment. A lot of experts will inform you that you can see a minor decrease in bumpy skin after simply one treatment, but it takes about six to 8 weeks of treatment to see radical results.

Natural Solutions for Dimply skin

VelaShape is one natural solution, but there are others. It’s mild when you compare it to laser surgical treatment, but it’s even more extreme than some various other natural solutions, such as a diet plan rich in Vitamin A, B-complex, C and E, exercise, and appropriate hydration. You might want to discover adding these things to your everyday routine prior to you opt into even more costly procedures.

Chat to your physician or a clinical day spa practitioner about your choices if you’re thinking about whether VelaShape is right for you. Diet and workout are by far the very best cellulite-busting solutions, but they do take some time. VelaShape may be a viable choice if you’re in a hurry to get rid of those atrocious fat dimples.

VelaShape is the process by which a physician utilizes a small, handheld device to eradicate fatty tissue. VelaShape is really efficient at removing lumpy skin, most doctors will advise that their clients likewise follow a healthy diet plan and exercise strategy to improve its effectiveness. Eating even more of the right foods, such as vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, and exercising will keep your body healthy and your skin looking as supple and smooth as the day after your VelaShape treatment.

There aren’t almost as numerous side results with this treatment as there are with intrusive surgeries, there are some things you should know before booking a VelaShape session. Just to be safe, try to plan your VelaShape treatment for a week when you understand your trouble locations will continue to be covered.

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Cellulite Treatment – Know the Answers

Possibly this is the first concern that will concern your mind when you are trying to find means on eliminating fatty tissue. Through the help of this post, you will have the ability to discover the right answer to such a question.

The Reality about Treatments for Cellulite

There are still no lumpy and bumpy skin therapies that work permanently and some are still tested to prove their effectiveness. The foregoing paragraphs provide the suggested treatments and their effectiveness in treating dimpled skin.

The Mesotherapy Treatment for Lumpy skin

This is an industrialized lumpy and bumpy skin treatment in France is quite accepted by European ladies. Mesotherapy is a treatment that concentrates on a number of injections made into tiny bumpy skin pockets. Every injection consists of a dosage of supplements along with natural medicines which are stated to divide fat and clean it away.

After clinical researches, there are still questions about the effectiveness of this therapy. Individuals think that cellulite therapies including the use of injections increase the possibility of getting negative effects and various other terrible problems. Literature likewise cites no sufficient proof that this therapy works but rather causes some extremely severe infections on the patient.

Endermologie Treatment for Bumpy skin

An additional popular dimply skin treatment is Endermologie. This is a deep-massage strategy which decreases lumpy skin by suctioning the skin making use of a device with a vacuum and kneading it with a set of rollers. Studies showed that a deep-tissue massage can divide fibrous bands and helps in flow and boosts skin appearance.

Routine upkeep treatments are required to keep up looks. This treatment is expensive however some individuals experience pleasing outcomes after the treatment.

Liposuction as a Therapy for Lumpy and bumpy skin

Cellulite is fat however it does not mean that liposuction, which is a therapy to reduce fat, is required. Coarse bands give the lumpy skin look and getting rid of fat through liposuction wouldn’t really do much.

Various other Treatments for Lumpy skin

Creams with caffeine or theophylline are proven to have an impact on lumpy and bumpy skin by dissolving fat cells however some studies reveal that this is not real. These cellulite therapies may work in some advocates but individuals cautioned and said that the impact is not permanent.

Some people depend on regular exercise and healthy diet plan as treatment for cellulite. Getting routine workout and eating a healthy diet can help one lose weight and decrease fat in the body that is trapped in lumpy and bumpy skin.

Herbal medicines can be dealt with as natural and traditional ways of dealing with bumpy skin. But there is no evidence that a mix of vitamins or herbs can have an impact on dimpled skin reduction. A natural and conventional treatment doesn’t mean a safe and efficient treatment.

Do Dimpled skin Treatments Work?

As long as you have actually found the right therapy that will work for you, then there’s no demand to do some trial and error. The efficiency of these treatments for bumpy skin can totally depend upon you as the user.

There are still no lumpy and bumpy skin treatments that work completely and some are still tested to show their efficiency. Individuals think that cellulite therapies involving the use of injections increase the possibility of acquiring side results and various other dreadful troubles. Lumpy and bumpy skin is fat however it does not suggest that liposuction, which is a treatment to reduce fat, is needed. These cellulite therapies could work in some advocates however individuals stated and cautioned that the impact is not irreversible. Some individuals depend on routine workout and healthy diet plan as treatment for dimply skin.

They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But This is What They Didnt Tell You

Coconut oil, coconut water, coconut shreds, coconut butter, coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut flour are all the rage nowadays. If it has coconut in it, then it must be some sort of miracle cure, right?

While fads come and go, there are good reasons why coconut oils and coconut based products may be here to stay. They definitely do have a lot of benefits to them. Matter of fact, well over 100 benefits!

Its part of the Arecaceae (Palmae) family and belongs to the subfamily Cocoideae. The healthy acids exist in the flesh. The healthy fats do vary in composition depending on the processing. But mainly medium-chain saturated fatty acids are around 90% of its content, along with combined small amounts of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. The MCFAs (medium-chain saturated fatty acids) are indeed easily digested by the human body as well as absorbed effectively. They even have mental and neurological health benefits, while providing energy to the body.

Unrefined virgin is cheap, tasty and all natural coconut oil that is very useful and has many health benefits.

Here is a list of the powerful health benefits it provides:

Anti-inflammatory properties
Antioxidant properties. It prevents formation of free radicals and the damage they cause.
Anti-microbial/ Infection-fighting properties. Kills viruses, yeast, bacteria, protozoa and parasites.
It enhances the absorption of nutrients. Its easily digestible. It makes fat-based vitamins (vitamin K, E, D, A) more available to the body.
Nontoxic to both, animals and humans.
Powerful anti-carcinogenic properties as it inhibits the spread of cancer cells while boosting the immune system.

Internal Health Problems

When you take coconut oil internally it can have numerous benefits, alleviating many health issues while improving overall health.

Heres a list of all the benefits:

1.Chronic and adrenal Fatigue

2.Diabetes. It prevents food cravings while stabilizing blood sugar levels.

4.Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchial Infections

5.Asthma (adults and children)

6.Acid Reflux/ Indigestion After meal consumption is key for relief.

7.Mild Depression and Cognitive Disease Taking coconut oil with a combination of fish oil, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), as well as other methods of treatment works best.

8.Bowel function. Gut infections, constipation, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

9.Cancer Prevents breast and colon cancer studies have found.


11.Candida Albicans

12.Allergies Seasonal hay fever can be helped from coconut oil.

13.Cholesterol. It improves the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) in people who have high cholesterol levels.

14.Gas. The bacteria imbalance often causes foul gas to expel. Mild anti-microbial properties that this oil has will re-establish a healthy gut flora.

15.Colds and Flues. Has potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Very useful for when you get sick.

16.Flaky, dry skin. Not enough oils lead to dandruff and dry skin.

17. Poor Circulation. Applying to skin can help if you are constantly feeling cold, and for edema. Applying in circular motion towards the heart helps.

18.Gallbladder Disease. Raises the bile flow, which helps with gallbladder problems.

19.Kidney Disease and Stones. Dissolves small stones in the kidneys.

20.H. pylori. Taking orally is best for this.

21.Epilepsy. May effectively reduce epileptic seizures.

22.Hemorrhoids. Apply externally or internally two times a day.

23.Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you have an alternating of diarrhea and constipation, you may have IBS and coconut oil can help.

24.Hot Flashes

25.Menstruation Relief. Alleviates pain, heavy blood flow, and cramps

26.Liver Disease

27.Heart Disease. Gives protection for arteries from injury that leads to atherosclerosis.

28.Lung Disease

29. Tooth Decay and Periodontal Disease

30.Mental Clarity

31.Immune System Builder


33.Migraines. Using regularly is best.


35. Bladder Infections and Urinary Tract Infections

36.Thyroid Function. Provides regulation in case of a overactive, or a underactive, thyroid gland.

37.Prostate Enlargement. BPH- benign prostatic hyperplasia.

38.Stomach Ulcers. Soothes the stomach lining. Reduces the growth of H. pylori



Topical Health Problems

Using coconut oil topically can relieve and treat the following:

41.Athletes Foot


43.Decongestant Allergy or cold congestion can be helped by rubbing the oil on the chest or under nose.

44.Pink eye. Apply coconut oil to the eye and around it.

45.Allergies/Hay Fever. Rub a little coconut oil inside the nostrils. The pollen will cling to the oil.

46.Head Lice. Apply it topically

47.Herpes. You should take it orally and apply it topically

48.Ear infection. Not only fights the infection, but can reduce the pain as well. Pour several drops of coconut and garlic oil inside the ear two times during the day.

49.Cysts and boils

50.Hives. Coconut oil lessens the swelling and itching.

51. Acne. Often the skin is excessively dry. This means that your glands produce much oil and clog the pores.

52.Sore Muscles and Back Pain

53.Toenail Fungus

54.Gingivitis, Gum Disease, Canker Sores. Rub directly on gums, or use as a toothpaste.

55.Circumcision healing. Coconut oil are helpful in the healing process.

56.Genital Warts. Genital warts vanish on their own after 2 years of the initial infection. Using coconut oil topically, can cure them after 6-month treatment.

Personal Hygiene and the Body

57.Body Scrub. Mix some salt and oil, or add some other essential oil for a better smell. Wash the mixture off afterward and your skin should be very soft.

58.Bruises. Reduces redness and swelling. Accelerates the healing process. Apply directly to bruise.

59.Bug Bites. Speeds the healing process. Reduces burning sensation and itching. Apply directly on affected area.

60.Dandruff. Oil secretion is a common cause of dandruff. Coconut oil reduces it while moisturizing the scalp, alleviating dandruff symptoms.

61.Burns. Promotes healing and prevents scars. Apply immediately on burn. Keep using it until it is better.

62.Swimmers Ear. Mixing coconut and garlic oil, then pouring just a few drops in the ear and leaving them for 10 minutes can help. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day. A few days it should be better.

63.Skin Conditions. Provides relief in the case of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

64.Wrinkle Prevention and reduction. Rub coconut oil on wrinkles and sagging skin. This strengthens connective tissues and rejuvenates skin.

65.Chapstick. Rub coconut oil on lips. This softens them and protects them. It has an SPF of around 4.

66.After Shave. Coconut oil heals the skin after shaving. It will not clog the pores either.

67.Deodorant. Use it as a deodorant and it provides even better effects when you combine it with baking soda and cornstarch/arrowroot powder.

68.Hair conditioner/ Deep Treatment. Applying a teaspoon of this oil to the ends of hair and through the hair with your fingers, helps greatly. Also use it as a leave-in hair conditioner. For the deep treatment, rub a tablespoon of onto the dry scalp. Rub a bit in the hair ends. Put a shower cap on, then leave it on overnight.

69.Diaper Salve. No chemicals so it is safe for a rashy butt.

70.Eye cream. Apply some coconut oil on the eyelids at night. To reduce wrinkles, bags and puffiness, apply it under the eyes.

71.Age Spots. Apply some oil directly to the age spot, and it should fade.

72.Baldness. Make a mix of thyme, rosemary, coconut oil, lavender, cedarwood, Grapeseed/ castor oil, a little cayenne pepper and jojoba oil. Then apply this mixture at bedtime or three times during the day. Massage the area. This supports cell regeneration.

73.Face Wash/ Soap. Mix coconut oil with almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil in equal amounts and use the mixture to wash your face. Do this instead of using soap. Rub it in then leave it on the face for 2 minutes. Then wash it off and pat it dry.

74.Hair Gel/ Defrizzer. Rub a bit coconut oil between the palms and finger comb. If hair is curly, scrunch into the hair on the ends.

75.Lubricant. Its safe on its own, but its not compatible with latex. Use it for a natural, safe personal lubricant for both sex and masturbation.

76.Massage Oil. Get some coconut oil and rub it in. Great for massages.

77.Healing. Apply coconut oil on the cuts and scrapes as it will create a thin chemical layer. This will prevent viruses, bacteria, and dust from collecting, while speeding up the healing process as it repairs the tissues which have been damaged. Plus it has a great smell!

78.Cradle Cap. Nourishes the baby skin and helps you get rid of cradle cap. Rub some on the scalp on a daily basis.

79.Nipple Cream. Nourishes sore, cracked and dry nipples. Apply oil on a cotton ball, then leave on affected areas between feedings.

80.Sunscreen. Has an SPF of around 4.

81.Pre-Shave. Will prepare the skin for the upcoming damage that can happen when you shave regularly.

82.Makeup Remover. Take some oil and dab with a cotton swab. It will remove makeup, then leave your skin soft and radiant looking.

83.Stretch Marks. Nourishes damaged skin and can reduce stretch marks.

84.Moisturizer. Applying some coconut oil to the body and can effectively moisturize it.

85.Sun Burn Relief. Take some oil and rub into the affected areas. It will relieve the red, burning skin.

86.Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer. Regular use of coconut oil will preserve your ink and prevent fading of the pigment. It also accelerates the healing process, while prevents infections from occurring.

87.Toothpaste. Mixing some coconut oil with baking soda, then using this to brush your teeth can make an effective toothpaste.

88. Acne Skin Fix. Applying a bit of coconut oil underneath makeup, or even alone can reduce the stimulation of the oil gland. The skin, susceptible to acne, may be too dry. This indicates that the gland excessively produces oil, meaning the pores will clog up and cause acne.

General Health and Wellness

89.Digestion. The saturated fats control fungi and parasites that lead to indigestion and other digestion issues. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome being one of them. Helps also with the absorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

90.Breastfeeding. Regularly take 3 tablespoons of this oil in order to enhance the milk supply if you are breastfeeding.

91.Insulin Support. Stimulates the secretion of insulin and the use of blood glucose. Great for diabetics and non-diabetic.

92.Bones and Teeth. Helps absorption of magnesium and calcium.

93.The absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Makes vitamin D, E, A and K more available to the body.

94.Fitness. Proven to support the function of the thyroid, thus boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels, and overall reducing fat while increasing muscle.

95.Stress Relief. Apply to the head in circular motion through massage. The aroma itself is relaxing and soothing, leading to much less stress.

96.Weight loss. The saturated fats actually prevent food cravings and thus in turn will promote weight loss.

97.Gum Health. Oil pulling is hugely effective for treatment of gum infections and disease.

98.Lung Function. Raises the fluidity of cell surfaces.

99.Mental Cognition and Productivity. MCTs freely pass the blood-brain barrier, thus represent an alternate energy source to enhance cognition.

100. Nausea. Rub a bit on the inside of your wrist and forearm. This should help relieve an upset stomach.

101.Nose bleeds. It effectively prevents prevent nose bleeding, due to weather sensitivity. Once the nasal passages dry due to the dry air or the cold air, they can cause cracks and burns. These then cause cracks in the mucus membrane. By applying oil to the nostrils, it will strengthen and protect the capillaries that exist in the nasal passages.

Pets/ Animals

For every 10 pounds your pet weighs, teaspoon is recommended, twice a day, but a vet should also be consulted first.

102.Clears up skin conditions such as: itchy skin, eczema, contact dermatitis and flea allergies

103.Helps in the case of ligament issues and arthritis.

104.Alleviates allergic reactions and promotes skin health.

105.Prevention and treatment of yeast and fungal infections such as candida.

106.Promotes general wellness of your cats and dogs. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to their water every day.

107.Reduces cough and hairballs.

108.Accelerates healing process of wounds while it disinfects cuts.

109.Supports healing when you apply it topically to wounds, cuts, hot spots, stings, bites, dry skin and hair.

110.Provides energy in the case of sedentary dogs. The MCTs can enhance brain energy metabolism, reducing the accumulation of amyloid protein which can cause brain lesions in older dogs.

111.Boosts digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients.

112.Helps the healing of digestive disorders, like colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

113. Regulation and balancing of insulin and enhancement of the function of the thyroid.

114. Reduces or gets rid of bad breath in dogs.

115.Enhances coats. Can deodorize the odor of you dog and give a glossy coat.

116. Prevents or controls diabetes.

117.Increases energy and promotes weight loss.

Additional Uses:

118.Polishing Bronze. Rubbing some coconut oil on a cotton towel, then wiping down bronze can deepen the bronze color.

119. Insect repellent. Mixing peppermint extract and some coconut oil, then rubbing the mix on exposed skin can avoid bug attacks.

120.Seasoning cookware.

121.Oiling wood bowls and wood cutting boards.

122.Goo Gone. Mixing baking soda and coconut oil in equal amounts, then this will create a paste that you then can apply to the sticky spots, leaving it on there for a minute and then scrubbing off with sponge.

123.Make a soap. Instead of other fats use coconut oil to make all natural soaps.

124.Chewing Gum in Hair Remover. Rubbing a little oil over the gum stuck in your hair and leaving for 30 minutes, then you can roll the gum between fingers and get it out.

125.Polish Furniture. Mixing coconut oil with lemon juice can polish wood furniture effectively.

126.Use it to clean and moisturize the leather products.

127.Seasoning animal hide drums.


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4 Cellulite Myths That Need To Go Away

Myth #1: Birth control pills can cause it.
The Truth: This one has been floating around for a while, and while experts do think cellulite is somehow linked to estrogen (because so many women get it, but it’s very rare in men, and women can develop it anytime after puberty, when estrogen levels start to rise), there’s no scientific evidence that taking birth control pills can trigger cellulite’s appearance or make it more severe, says Robyn Gmyrek, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York. Experts don’t know why cellulite develops, just that it happens when fat cells push against the network of fibrous bands that connect your skin to the muscles underneath the fat, creating a bumpy or dimpled appearance.

Myth #2: Creams that claim to treat it are total bunk.
The Truth: This one is actually only 5 percent de-bunkable. There is no miracle potion you can rub on to get rid of cellulite long-term, but experts say some creams and lotions can improve the look of skin for a very short amount of time (e.g., during the few hours you were planning on wearing shorts today). Preparations that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, like caffeinated creams and those with retinols, may work best because they make the skin look temporarily tighter, says Gmyrek. Talk to your dermatologist before you try retinols though, since they can be irritating and shouldn’t be mixed with sun exposure.

Myth #3: Moves that target your lower body can erase it (Spin class, anyone?).
The Truth: Working up a sweat has a ton of benefits, but erasing cellulite isn’t one of them. Look no further than dedicated gym-goers whose butt and thighs still have a dimpled appearance, says Gmyrek. That being said, regular exercise can make cellulite look a little bit better—as long as you keep up the work. “Poor circulation might be a contributing factor in cellulite, and exercise increases blood flow throughout the body,” explains Binh Ngo, MD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of cosmetic dermatology at the USC Keck School of Medicine, in Los Angeles. “It can also help you avoid weight gain, which can make existing cellulite worse.” (When fat cells grow in size or number, they press harder against those fibrous bands, which makes dimples you already have more pronounced.)

Myth #4: You can get rid of cellulite for good—if you’re open to a somewhat invasive treatment
The Truth: There’s no permanent fix, no matter how invasive, or expensive, a procedure is. Even the most “long-term” results last just a couple of years, says Gmyrek. If your cellulite really bothers you, though, there are two treatments that the dermatologists we spoke with said are effective, if temporary. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012, Cellulaze uses a laser inserted beneath the skin through a small incision to heat up and melt the fat while also cutting the fibrous bands that cause the dimpled look. Cellfina (FDA approved in 2015) focuses on just the bands, numbing each individual dimple before inserting a small blade to cut them. One treatment should give you results with either method; cellulite reduction should last one year or more with Cellulaze and two years or more with Cellfina. Just remember that these options are pricey (depending on where you live, Cellulaze can cost up to $5,000 per area you’re targeting, says Ngo), and if you want the effect to last, you’ll have to keep going back for more sessions once the cellulite comes back.

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